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  • Oil Change
  • Transmission & Radiator Flush
  • Brakes
  • Engine Tune-Up & Repair
  • A/C Service & Heat Check
  • Front End & Alignment
  • Electrical
  • Shocks & Struts
  • Exhaust
  • FREE Brake Inspection
  • FREE Diagnostic Inspection
  • FREE Safety Inspection
  • FREE Front End Inspection
  • FREE Exhaust Inspection

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Mechanics Taylor MI | Auto Repair Shops Taylor MI | Oil Change Taylor MI

Redford Auto Repair is among the many auto repair shops of the same name. All of our auto repair shops are family owned and managed and all of our places complete the same services. These services include all types of auto repair such as full service oil changes and minor and major repairs. Minor repairs include tune-ups, brake repair, oil change, leaks, tire replacement, and wheel alignment while major repairs cover removing engines or, reconstructing engines or transmissions. All of our locations are Goodyear dealers. In addition, we rebuild transmissions and engines. You name it we do it. At all of our locations, our mechanics are certified and knowledgeable. Each of our mechanics specialize in different fields to enhance our quality of work. Some may have certification and specialize in brake repair while others focus on wheel alignments and oil changes. We offer free front end reviews to ensure the suspension is tight and tires are good. We also offer full wheel alignments and two wheel alignments. We also offer exhaust work involving the tailpipe and muffler. We also do custom exhaust depending on what the customer wants. For example, if a customer wants two tailpipes instead of one, we can do it. Also, if someone wants to create a louder sound with their car, we can change the muffler. Another one of our services is radiator repair. We do radiator flushes, replace radiators and water pumps and check the thermostats and heater cores. In case the heat is not working on the inside or if the car is overheating we offer free inspections. We use up-to-date machines, including laser machines, and advanced technology. We have tools to read error messages on the dash of cars such as the “check engine” light. Our tools read and diagnose problems. We are able to read and diagnose anything electrical such as problems with lightbulbs, replace fuel injectors and pumps, and check for engine misfires. We have been operating for twelve years, since 2003, and our first location was located on 8 mile and Evergreen in Detroit where we still operate today. Our mission statement is that we have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We make sure that all customers are satisfied before they leave. Because we are family owned and operated we like to build relationships with our customers and have a loyal customer base. If you believe that you need any auto repairs, please come in to our Taylor location today and we can check it out.

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